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Take your cache to a whole new wavelength... of light that is!  UV Lights allow for a whole new spectrum of fun with the ability to detect hidden information, markers and more.  The game is expanding faster than ever and we're bringing you the latest to find the best in caching!

The use of invisible ink is a fantastic challenge for puzzlers and Mystery Cache lovers because invisible ink can only be read by an UV lamp. In Europe this is still emerging but in the USA it is already a big hit! The combination of invisible ink and an UV lamp are the perfect way to create a whole new challenge for the whole geocache family!

Our UV Lights are 8,3cm x 2,5cm, 9 LED UV Spectrum torches powered by 3 AAA Batteries (included) to bring you long lasting clue solving power at a great price.  Solid light construction with rubber push button activation.  Light enough to carry easily and tough enough to take the pounding that hard trails dish out!  Sensitive enough to pick up a fingerprint, these lights will bring all new fun to your caching game.

UV LED Torch