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First to Find Board Game

Ever been on a long car/train/plane trip or sat looking at the rain wishing you were Geocaching? 

Ever wondered how to introduce Geocaching to someone without having to drag them out into the middle of a forest?

Then wonder no more!!!!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

"My phone alerts me — a new geocache has been published. A glance at the map makes me smile because I know this piece of woodlands! Here I grab my rubber boots and a towel, turn on the GPS device, and run to get the car. A cup of tea is left behind on the table, half-filled with tea that is still hot."

FTF: First to Find is a geocaching-themed card game that lets players experience the same kind of emotions that they would get from playing in the open air. One can choose between various types of geocaches, and whoever reaches to the cache first is the lucky winner, of course.

During set-up, players form a 7x7 square from landscape tiles from starting locations they select. During a player's turn, they can either move and reveal the current tile or just reveal the tile, based on the path chosen. Players can choose between searching three different cache types — normal, multi- and mystery cache — with all having different conditions for finding them.

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