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Be Safe, Be Seen Geocoin Reflector

As I was already doing a couple of Christmas coins for others I decided my offering this year would be Winter rather than Christmas.


Here in Estonia, like many northern countries, it gets very dark, very early at this time of year and by law you cannot walk around without a reflector on your jacket or bag. Reflective tassels are not a new thing here so I decided to mix my geocoin with a reflector.

The Geocoin features the design and slogan of "Be Seen, Be Safe" on the front in glow enamel and a snowflake on the back in glitter enamel. The coins are in black nickel finish as it reflects light very well. It is connected to a clasp at the top to allow you to attach it to you bag or jacket and connected to a reflective tassel that hangs from the bottom.

So now you can be a little safer during the dark days/nights and be trackable too.


Please note that having a reflector on your jacket or bag does not  guarantee you will be seen by a car so please be careful.

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