Hunting the Celtic Moon Geocoin

SO here is the full set of my new personal coin, Hunting the Celtic Moon. 
Version #1 The Naked Moon
Version #2 Night of the Purple Moon
Version #3 Blue Moon
Version #4 Blood Moon
Version #5 Golden Harvest Moon
Version #6 Kristjan’s Moon

This coin has elements of my background and my personality. My Celtic heritage is a main part but the Hellinic owl marks my growing up years in Cyprus. The moon and the theme symbolises the fact that I have always done my best design work at night and quite often sit in the dark quietly "hunting" a great idea. The symbol to the left of the moon is made up of 3 Clefs as I often listen to music or a video while designing.
As you can see we have managed, not only, to get the awesome 3D curve to the moon but also cover it with hard translucent enamel. The coin really does look fantastic! 
I have 200 of them with codes and, due to a hicup by the mint, 200 coins without codes or "track at" text which make perfect gifts for muggles (non-geocachers)
Versions 1 - 4 are for sale, 5 is a trade only edition and 6 is something special for my son. He chose the colours and metal and has a list of a few people he wishes to give one to and the last few he would like to auction off to help pay for a Hoverboard :D